Welcome to Our Brevard Office

Find your dream home while sipping mango champagne!
The window touch screen outside our office is specifically designed for the “non-techie.” Simply pick a desired location, number of bedrooms and price range. Active listings that meet you criteria will be displayed. For printouts of any listing, come inside – enjoy Champagne and take home the details to your next home.

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Serving Brevard & Transylvania County
The moment you step into the office in Brevard, you will be surrounded by contemporary style and technology. The office is filled with light and color, featuring five different colored walls and lots of windows, as well as a new slinky reception desk. The office is equipped with all of the newest technology, setting the stage for the office to be completely paperless. The windows allow for a gorgeous view of the plaza located right outside our doors. This view is a reminder of why we love living here, and why we love making Brevard and the surrounding area a place for others to call home.

Brevard Team Members