When to Fire Your Real Estate Agent

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by Eugene Strickland, Broker/Owner
GRI, MBA Management, Marketing & Finance
Luxury Collection Specialist

What I’ve written here is a simplistic view of a possibly complex, but certainly provocative topic. It is one that needs to be addressed. Over the last 20 years or so I’ve seen numerous articles written with titles like, “How to Pick an Agent”, “What to Expect from an Agent”, “What to Ask an Agent” and the litany goes on. Simply, it is equally important to know when to fire an agent.

I’m not a polished writer, but these are some of my thoughts; typos, ambiguity and all. Oh, and punctuation – I don’t understand it.

Time to Fire #1
This first time is the “Pre-Hire Fire.” Yes, the “Pre-Fire Hire.” This is the best time to fire. After this point, if you are working with an agent, you will usually be committed to a listing agreement. Not that agreements are bad. They work to protect everyone.

But before you sign on the line (dotted went the way of the typewriter) imagine this. Take a moment now and see yourself as you wait proudly or anxiously for the agent to tell you what they think of your property. The agent looks you in the eye and says, “blah, blah, blah! Yes, I can sell your property!” That moment is the moment when you should tell them, “Thank you for coming, I might be in touch.” As you pack their bag and escort them to the door know that you dodged a bullet.

WHY? Because agents don’t sell your property – they don’t own it. Initially the agent’s number one priority is to market or promote your property. So, in that moment they already misled you even though they might never have thought about it. It might not have been intentional. But, shouldn’t everything they do for you be intentional; be done with attention, with thought! And if they mislead you in the beginning, intentionally or not, they might mis-lead you in the future.

I will explain in the next post. Stay in touch.

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