The Best Grass Types for a Lawn in North Carolina

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This post is by guest author Rachael Baihn,

Selling your home in the Tar Heel State is all about making sure that both the interior and exterior areas of your home are in top condition. Curb appeal is essential when wanting to make a great first impression with a potential buyer. There are plenty of grass varieties to choose from depending on your home’s location. Make sure that your house, and your yard, stands out from the crowd with these best grass types for a North Carolina lawn.

Tall Fescue
If your lawn receives a fair amount of shade, Tall Fescue may be the right choice for you. This hardy grass is also very popular and is excellent at being resistant to drought-prone summer and cold winters. Tall Fescue germinates quickly within a month of planting and features narrow blades of grass. This Fescue type is a great choice, especially for southern North Carolina residents, in that this variety does well in transitional zones where the weather is much warmer. Homeowners won’t need to dethatch Tall Fescue lawns due to its bunch-forming growth as well. This cool season grass variety also requires less fertilizer than others making it a low maintenance lawn choice.

Kentucky Bluegrass
As one of the most popular cool season grasses available, Kentucky Bluegrass is found on many local lawns for a reason. The turfgrass itself will germinate within 4-6 weeks which is a bit slower than other grass varieties. It has a beautiful emerald greenish blue color and a medium texture that is highly sought after by many homeowners. Kentucky Bluegrass is very winter hardy making it an excellent option for those residents who can see a variety of winter weather. This grass type is an excellent choice for those lawns that have at least 4-8 hours of direct sunlight. Homeowners should be aware that this variety doesn’t do very well in shaded portions of the yard and requires a fair amount of maintenance compared to other popular grasses.

Fine Fescue
This cool season grass variety is excellent for those lawns that only have 4-6 hours of direct sunlight. Fine Fescue is much like Tall Fescue but offers a more refined overall texture as well as requires a small amount of moisture and fertilizer. Fine Fescue is usually used in mixtures with Kentucky Bluegrass to raise the quality of high traffic areas. It is a natural choice for those homes with a right amount of shade from mature trees as well. Fine Fescue is drought tolerant and can handle winter weather. Those homeowners who have a warm-season grass may overseed with Fine Fescue in the winter to keep the lawn green all year long.

Perennial Ryegrass
Commonly used as a pasture grass for livestock, Perennial Ryegrass offers many other qualities for North Carolina homeowners. It is a hardy grass that is used in many lawns thanks to its quick germination and growth. Perennial Ryegrass is found in both temporary and permanent lawns making it an excellent option for those homeowners who need a beautiful yard quickly. This particular grass variety is less cold hardy than other types so Perennial Ryegrass would do best in climates that have hot summers and colder, but not frigid, winter seasons. This grass variety is also commonly used to overseed warm season lawns that have gone dormant over the winter for a year-round green yard.

There are plenty of options when it comes to finding the right grass variety for your home. There are many different cool season grass varieties that have important differences to consider based on your lawn care goals. Consider all of these best grass types for a North Carolina lawn when looking to spruce up the exterior of your home while on the market.

Rachael Baihn is an avid gardener, both indoors and in her backyard sanctuary. She can often be found exploring nature off the beaten track or enjoying the company of local neighborhood dogs.

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