How to Choose New Kitchen Cabinets

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Cabinets set the style for any kitchen, and with advances in functionality as well as beauty, your new cabinets should transform your food prep workspace. According to Consumer Reports, new cabinets account for about 40% of an overall kitchen remodel budget, so it’s important to get the look and features you want.

The most popular cabinet doors today are flat fronted or framed with hidden hardware for a modern esthetic. Look for “quiet closing” cabinets that close on their own to prevent slamming. Storage options that pull down, rotate or lift up can deliver equipment to you without bending over or getting a stepladder. Drawers that pull out under countertops are easier to use than shelves because you can see everything that’s stored. Cabinets that reach the ceiling can accommodate items you don’t use daily, like holiday dinnerware.

Many new kitchens have various wood grains and stains, factory-painted wood, and porcelain or laminate cabinet fronts. Island cabinets often feature a contrasting color to the wall  cabinets.

All kitchens have trouble spots that can be fixed with the right design. Hire a certified kitchen designer, who’s adept at space planning, traffic control and up to date on the newest products. They troubleshoot difficult spaces with space-saving ideas such as shallower-than-standard cabinets for narrow galley kitchens.

Be open to new products that can save you valuable time, such as drink stations, refrigerated drawers and large trough sinks. Visit a few kitchen showrooms with your designer to get more ideas.

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