A Better Alternative to Bagging Raked Leaves

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With warmer weather across the country, it’s taking longer for trees to drop their leaves, so you may find yourself doing a lot of raking in late October and early November. But after the work is finished, you have to bag the leaves and let them sit on your curb for collection.

Or, you can put them to good use and save using plastic bags, too.

Popular Mechanics suggests that mowing your leaf-covered lawn is a great way to create organic mulch. It mixes grass clippings with shredded leaves and reduces the leaves to one-tenth their volume. This nutrient-rich mixture, according to Gardeningknowhow.com, helps soil retain moisture, improves fertility and reduces erosion. It also helps protect your lawn from winter damage.

Mow your leaves often to prevent rotting that harms your grass. You can use a regular lawnmower, but you may have to go over the leaves several times to turn them into mulch. You can also use a mulching lawnmower, with a blade designed to shred and return clippings to the lawn.

You can also shred leaves with a leaf mulcher. These tools are lightweight, portable and can make mulch from leaves, pine needles and other small organic materials, wet or dry. Leaf mulchers can be placed on top of large trashcan that makes clean up easier and faster and allows you to take the mulched leaves and distribute them as you like it. Mix in some cedar chips and sow the mulch around trees to protect the roots.

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