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One of the greatest pleasures of owning your own home is being in better control of your environment, including the sounds you listen to. Imagine waking up to the cheerful melodies of chirping birds, instead of your neighbor’s clanging, banging and muffled conversations.

So, when you shop for a new home, consider one with a garden where you can attract songbirds to add sound, color and interest, such as robins, tanagers and finches. Songbirds can be captivating to watch as well as to listen to throughout the year.

Create an alluring habitat where the birds can feel at home by planting some native brush that will provide birds with their basic needs – food, protection and a place to nest.  Be sure to scatter leaves, twigs and other small debris you’ve raked up under your shrubs and flower beds to attract insects and worms. The twig and leaf debris are great for songbirds to collect for nest building and insects will provide food for the birds.

Birds won’t nest where they don’t feel safe. You may have to add some natural barriers, such as dense shrubbery to protect songbirds from cats, opossums and other hunters.

Birdbaths are great accessories that say welcome to birds. Moving water, such as small fountains or drippers can create a “visual magnet” to attract birds to the bath. Birds splashing in the water is a delight to behold!

While songbirds enjoy your garden, you’ll be equally enchanted by the cheerful music and natural beauty you’ve helped create.

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