Color Personality: Blue

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After a decade of industrial grey walls, stark white kitchens, and minimalistic décor, it’s time for some color. Blues are a great choice; they can be peaceful and soothing, confident and bold or as refreshing as a dip in the pool.

Here is a range of blues you may like:

Classic blues are elegant and have been used by blue bloods for centuries. Inspired by the royal and sapphire hues found in the Far East, the West adopted these shades into collectible porcelain china such as Delft and Staffordshire and in fabric patterns such as toile. These shades are popular in kitchens and dining rooms, because blues offset the heat of oven fires and cook-tops.

Soothing blues are pale, muted with grey or warmed with undertones of yellow. Pastel blues can be wonderful in bedrooms and baths, or wherever you seek serenity.

Floral and avian blues like bluebonnet, periwinkle, peacock and robin’s egg can be delightful as accents against neutrals. They bring the outdoors inside, perfect for living rooms or dens with large windows and vistas.

Contemporary blues tend to be vivid and intense, such as the iconic Tiffany blue or cobalt. These colors are most effectively used as statements in rooms without a lot of clutter.

Deep water blues are natural in seaside and lakeside homes. From aqua to navy, your home will pay homage to local water-faring activities, like fishing and sailing.

The versatility of blue is unlimited. It complements all other colors, like the sky complements the earth.

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