The Meanings Behind Red Front Doors

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Why are so many front doors painted red across the world? For fun, we’ve gathered some of the most interesting reasons why this is an important choice for many homeowners.

Many cultures use red front doors to communicate something about their beliefs or status. Since the first Passover the red door has symbolized God’s protection, that plague and the Angel of Death would pass the household by. Red doors can also symbolize the blood of Christ, which is why so many churches and cathedrals feature red doors.

In the Americas, settlers used red front doors to offer friendly shelter for weary travelers and their horses. By the Civil War, red front doors in the free Northern states were used by the Underground Railroad to signal safe houses for runaway slaves and other refugees.

Across the world, red doors in China say welcome, as is practiced by Feng Shui enthusiasts. The color red is believed to bring health, harmony, happiness, positive energy and prosperity.

The Irish and Scottish had uses for red doors, too. When Queen Victoria died, the Irish were asked to paint their front doors black in commemoration and mourning, but many rebelled and painted their doors bright colors, including red. Many Scots today paint their doors red to signal that their mortgages have been paid off.

There are as many shades of red doors as there are traditions. Red doors don’t hold much significance today, except as a statement color to still convey a cheerful welcome to visitors.

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